The Broken Question of Good and Bad in Our Society

I am a hypnotist.

This is usually met with an incredulous look – but recently, interestingly, I am getting the question: –

“So you deal with the anxieties and phobias and hidden angst in people – so would you say in your opinion most people are bad, or inherently good?”

Which is a little general and open in scope.

By people I presume they mean humankind – not just a few random people. And by good or bad – I presume they mean not evil or saint like – but generous and kind or unpleasant and mean.

If they do mean Saint or Evil – then of course, I believe, we have seen, and see that in individuals, but not in humankind as a whole.

So if that is the question I am being asked “As humans are we inherently good or bad?” I would answer, given the right circumstances any of us can be kind and generous.

And given the right circumstances any of us can be unpleasant and mean.

“Ah ha” they then say “you are saying it’s all about the nurture, not the nature that creates us. So we are a blank slate, and then life creates us.”

I do not mean to say this. Or at least, perhaps, I have used the wrong word when I said ‘circumstances’ – depends on the ‘circumstances’.

I mean taking all things into account. Including how the fetus came into life and what it brought with it, are part of the ‘circumstances’.

I am a hypnotist – did I mention? As a Hypnotist I deal with the mind, and have interesting events occur between Minds in the comfortable Hypnosis chair.

And in general I find that we are driven primarily by shame or fear. Shame about something that happened to us, that we feel was somehow our fault – though we may have only been 2 years old – or less. Fear that because of what happened to us in the past will be worse in the future, unless we do some ritual steps.

The position of Hypnosis is that you can alter, rewrite, take away the energy, release the emotion in such a way that the past hurts and shame no longer effect the present. Thus freeing the individual.

The position of Marketers, Media operators and Politicians of course is that they can manipulate these fears and shame to move a society.

Of course Marketers and Politicians are human too and suffer from the same fears we all do. And in their fear they perpetuate, both their, and our self-abuse.

And then, it is a matter of degree, of course. What happened to me may seem like nothing compared to what happened to you -and we carry that ‘incident’ forward in our own way.

It’s a truism if you are loved and appreciated – we can give love and appreciation. If you are broken in some way – it’s much harder to offer forgiveness and gratitude to another. If you are hurt or shamed – it is natural to hurt and shame another. It’s the ritual.

The world lives in the realm of Blame, Distrust and the Fact.

As a practicing Hypnotist I tend to see the world only through forgiveness and belief. That is, the client’s belief. I am not interested in the facts, or the truth – if there ever was such a thing. I am only interested in the facts or truth the client believes to be true – because is their truth – and the only truth that has any validity.

Do I say then – there’s no absolute truth?

I have no idea – I deal with humans and their relationships. The thing that gives us the most joy and the most sorrow. Other People. And in that arena, where we spend all of our time – no there is no Absolute Truth. There is just belief.

So to answer the question are we good or bad – the answer of course is yes.

Can we create a ‘good’ society? I have no idea. I am a hypnotist. I am only able to work with the individual in front of me.

And I know, that if the individual is willing, we can move from any badness or fear or shame to love and compassion. From bad to good. Every time.

If the individual is willing to make the internal journey.

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